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Commercial Services

SSCS specialists in channel planning, development, sourcing and acquiring EPG positions including launching channels onto a variety of platforms including Sky in the UK as well as other platforms around the world.

Our team specializes in

Channel Distribution Strategy

One of the essential aspects in achieving on-going longevity and success of your channel is to have a meticulously planned distribution strategy. SS Broadcast can assist you by providing advice on the multiple platforms that are available in the UK as well as those available beyond. We can advise channels and content owners on airtime sub-leasing as well as different approaches to channel distribution on Sky, Satellite, Freest (UK DTH), Free-view (DTT), Virgin (Cable).

Business Planning

We can work with you from your pre-launch business planning right through to increasing your audience reach, assisting you in selecting and sourcing the appropriate platforms. In addition we can advise you in regards to the cost aspect for your SD/HD strategy highlighting the benefits and implications. We can help with assessing the positive and negatives of being on free-to-air or subscription.

Channel Launches

SS Broadcast has experience in launching TV channels in the UK as well as internationally.

Channel Licensing

SS Broadcast has helped clients to acquire the correct broadcast license, we assist with license applications, transfer requests, license variations, channel name changes, application checking and due diligence.

Business model evaluation

We analyse business plans and financial forecasts to ensure sound and sturdy commercial strategies. From fund raising to early stage television digital business models, we can advise on all aspects of the financial process.

Platform Distribution

As a specialist EPG broker on the Sky platform, we source and secure channel positions, manage negotiations and help you with the whole process including legal documentation and notifications. We oversee transfers of existing broadcast contracts, assist with distribution on Freesat, Freeview, BT Vision, Virgin and cable.

New Channel

We can help with reviewing your business plan whilst comparing costs from third party suppliers. We take a genuinely independent and impartial approach in advising investors, media owners and entrepreneurs. Our blunt approach in assessing a channel idea or business plan allows us to identify if we believe a business model could be improved as well as provide suggestions and assistance in finding other avenues.

Asset Appraisal

Many people are unaware that an EPG position can be a valuable asset with a variable re-sale value that takes into account genre, page position, neighboring channels, purchase demand and market conditions. We have helped businesses, their shareholders and administrators value their channel assets. We have experience in channel management, business launches, disaster recovery, business planning, licensing, regulation, compliance and media sales.

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